Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aaaand, She's Back.

Bringing It Back - with the Realest of the Real.
After waking up at 5:00 am to the heartfelt and lovely sounds of drunken marital debauchery outside my window, I had the sudden urge to channel back to my Lady Abbelina days.
Over the past couple of months, I have - unwillingly - been pretty blog-less and that makes me really sad. Over this unfortunate lost time, I have come across many a' vintage, sequin, and neon bombshells - making it hard for me to know where to begin...
Since it is now 5: 45 am and I should probably attempt to get ready and go to work early - since I'm up - why not, right? I will make my grand re-entrance back to the blog-life quick but juicy by introducing my two NEWEST gifts/purchases that both gave me that extra umph I needed to get back into the game. As I have made clear in the past, 'I die' for pretty much anything neon, sequined, vintage, or one-of-a-kind (no, not everything, but you'd be surprised).
My urge to revive the passion of Lady Abbelina came first from a recent pair of blue faux eye-glasses from my heart and soul, Beacon's Closet, in Williamsburg, and second, from an ultimately 'fetch' (shout-out to Mark "Prestige Worldwide" Rautiola) neon 4-lens camera from my own Dexter Rutecki, Alexandra Sparks, who also has a blog that you should all check out - right now:
Here is the camera that encompasses so many things that I absolutely adore: neon, non-digital cameras, 4-lens' = 4x the fun, and, of course, Alex!
Stay tuned for the first roll of photo's from this neon rockstar :)
Here are some fun photos from a 4-way ichat/conference/'business' call that I took part in last night - while rocking my blue hippity-hipster vintage specs, part-time:
Come back VERY soon because I have lots and lots more to say/show/share! Happy Hump Day, everyone!