Monday, May 17, 2010

SILLY BANDS: The new Pogs
Last week, my amazing, brilliant, and hilarious 11 year old cousin, Izzy Freelove Brown, URGENTLY asked if I could send her some "Silly Bands" ASAP because they were sold out at all of the Party City's in Providence. Huge deal, clearly. I had no idea what these were so she sent me a picture right away:
Obviously, since she didn't have enough already, she needed more, fast. She made it clear that if she did not receive these as soon as humanly possible, it would surely be the end of her middle school cool-career. Not only did she ask me for one pack but, being Izzy, she told me that she would appreciate 40 to 60 packs, if possible. Well, because I ain't no Donald Trump, I sent her three packs and soon found out that she actually only received one because her hooligan sisters, Maddie and Charlotte, each stole a pack - making me look like a bad older cousin. Thanks guys!
Photograph taken by Marissa Dwyer, animal-band professional
But anyways, these little $1.99-a-pack rubber bands are pretty cool - I am not going to lie. Not only is each color shaped as a different animal but, most importantly, they are neon, so I obviously bought myself a pack (or two, NBD) and have been getting comments up-the-wazoo. This new fad is growing, even amongst the older-folk - or maybe just me... But since I felt so out of the loop when Izzy sent me a 911 facebook message, I though I'd share this new phenomenon with all of you so that you can look cooler than I did.