Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NYC Vintage HOTspot

The first vintage store I fell in love with in NYC was CHEAP JACKS - "America's Vintage Clothing Capital : the look, the price, the place" - on 303 Fifth Avenue (on the corner of 31st Street). This two-floor vintage haven is packed with both men's and women's clothes and accessories from all over the world. Jack, who has become the ultimate vintage connoisseur, has filled the gigantic store with the best of the best. I have yet to visit the store without purchasing something due to the amazing collection and uber-friendly and helpful staff, including Jack himself - who is more than happy to help you pick exactly what you're looking for; he'll even alter it while you wait.
Some vintage stores are hard to maneuver. Cheap Jacks, however, is organized. It's almost TOO easy to find exactly what you are looking for, (in my case, that would be everything). The store is separated into men's and women's, and then even further, into decade. Need a funky 80's prom dress or bowling jacket? a 70's summer dress? Or a miniskirt from 1965? Run to Cheap Jacks ASAP - Really, go now, because there is HUGE store wide sale going on as you sit here reading this post.
My favorite buys have been my blue and teal 70's sequin and beaded tops and a black fur vest from the 80's, shown in the picture below. If you love vintage clothes, you will die for Cheap Jacks - I promise.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fact of the Fanny

They are back - whether you like it or not.
Since I know you are all probably dying to get your hands on a fanny pack like the one shown above - I thought I would share my favorite fanny-source (and more) with all of you. I purchased my blingin' gold fanny pack from Tara at www.thirdearthdesigns.com via the vintage/homemade online marketplace Etsy. She is an NYC native who currently works as a stylist/fashion forecaster/designer. Her retro, neon, animal-print, blinged-out pieces are a must-have, amongst her other fabulous items, some shown below:
Visit her website or her store at on Etsy to own vintage and one-of-a-kind knock-outs just like these!
Tara's goal is to "bring something fresh and cool to the blaze fashion table" - so get it while it's hot!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

As I have adverted to many-a-time - worn-out hand-me-downs are rare, unique, and the best source of incomparable vintage finds. And in terms of vintage t-shirts and sweatshirts, Stephanie has the cream of the crop.
She has been adding to her outstanding collection since her teener years and has come across these great finds in numerous thrift stores -
the main source of her unrivaled collection has been from family hand-me-downs and ex boyfriends.
"This is one of my favorite and most comfortable things to wear: my dad's Harvard Athletics sweatshirt from his glory days playing soccer in the mid-70s.
Thanks, Hargo!" -SAH
Stephanie's second favorite vintage necessity? Shades. Cheap, fun, and the perfect party accessory.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of the prime times to discover vintage treasures is out at a bar, or possibly a blub, during the weekend - when people are always dressed to impress. Last night, while "watching" basketball at a bar on the UES, I spotted a couple vintage charms amongst the crowd.
The first was an old Louis Vuitton handbag that my girl, Bari Krauss, was rocking. She inherited this beauty from her grandmother - which I have found to be the ultimate way to find the BEST vintage accessories.
The second was from a random lad who I couldn't keep my eyes off of - merely due to his amazing sweater...So, I creepily asked him if I could take a picture and he kindly and enthusiastically agreed.
Thank you random, kind man from East End Tavern!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Stack em' all on - whether it may be a ghetto-fab double-finger name ring (beyond cool) or a bedazzled oversized vintage ring - gold, silver, plastic, or clay (?) - the more finger bling - the better...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The VintageVixon is Marissa Dwyer - rocking a bomb.com vintage Giants T-Shirt.
"Vintage clothing is timeless and rare. There is nothing sexier than a girl rocking a vintage piece, and what's even better is if she has a story behind the item... and I sure do." -MD


The VintageVibe comes from Mr. David Schneidman. These neon yellow nike high tops will make anyone go bananas.
"OMGsicles, I totes love Beacon's Closet, it's da bee's knees!" -DS

Rocking the Bling - My Jam

The latest addition to my obsession.
My go-to watches - black, gold, purple