Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vintage Spotting on a Friday Night

One of the prime times to discover vintage treasures is out at a bar, or possibly a blub, during the weekend - when people are always dressed to impress. Last night, while "watching" basketball at a bar on the UES, I spotted a couple vintage charms amongst the crowd.
The first was an old Louis Vuitton handbag that my girl, Bari Krauss, was rocking. She inherited this beauty from her grandmother - which I have found to be the ultimate way to find the BEST vintage accessories.
The second was from a random lad who I couldn't keep my eyes off of - merely due to his amazing sweater...So, I creepily asked him if I could take a picture and he kindly and enthusiastically agreed.
Thank you random, kind man from East End Tavern!


MD said...

wow. i love this post. my favorite.