Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fact of the Fanny

They are back - whether you like it or not.
Since I know you are all probably dying to get your hands on a fanny pack like the one shown above - I thought I would share my favorite fanny-source (and more) with all of you. I purchased my blingin' gold fanny pack from Tara at via the vintage/homemade online marketplace Etsy. She is an NYC native who currently works as a stylist/fashion forecaster/designer. Her retro, neon, animal-print, blinged-out pieces are a must-have, amongst her other fabulous items, some shown below:
Visit her website or her store at on Etsy to own vintage and one-of-a-kind knock-outs just like these!
Tara's goal is to "bring something fresh and cool to the blaze fashion table" - so get it while it's hot!