Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to the Roots, Baby

During a recent weekend trip home, I made a visit to my all-time favorite hometown thrift store, The Andover Thrift Shop. At first glance, it seems to be filled with old-school moo-moo's and 80's silk short-sleeved hawaiian button-down shirts, but if you go into the shopping experience with a positive attitude and a little determination, you can find an abundance of goodies. For instance, I found a teal double breasted vintage blazer-like vest for only $2! Yup...I am being serious - that is cheaper than a coffee at Starbucks!
AND...If you find a piece that catches your eye but is too long, too big, too wide, or, in general, just a little awkwardly shaped - bring it to your local tailor or dry cleaner and they can fit it to your liking! I recently dropped off some pieces at the tailor so I will be sure to show you how they turn out...STAY TUNED!
Due to the reality that the city tends to be a little pricey - in all aspects of life - I definitely suggest that you visit your local, small-town thrift store(s) to find unique, CHEAP, vintage finds and REMEMBER: don't be discouraged if something doesn't fit perfectly - that can be changed!