Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Flowers, Photo Albums, Chocolates, Cards...
Yes - absolutely thoughtful gifts BUT why not shock your mom, Nana, or anyone who you commemorate on Mother's Day with a lil' vintage spunk? In most cases, they will never expect it and the 'thoughtfulness-card' will be dropped like never before.
Personally, I know that my wonderful mother loves sentimental things that remind her of growing up which - I think - a majority of parents and adults tend to get a little teary-eyed over.
So, although I know it is a little last-minute - if you have time and haven't already spent your hard-earned dollar billz on a great gift - go to your closest thrift store, antique store, or, in my case, your favorite vintage website which will be jam-packed with anything you could ever want.
My mom had briefly and recently mentioned to me that she was in search for a durable, "hip", and, big beach bag so I went to my favorite vintage website,, clicked on the vintage section and searched "wicker large beach tote" and, to my delight, pages and pages of results popped up instantly.
After weeding through the pages, I found dozens of totes that I LOVED but had to remember: this was not a present for me, but for my mom, even though we have very similar tastes and I frequently go "shopping" in her closet whenever I am home...Shhh!
After admiring the fabulous results, I dwindled down the finalists to the perfect bag - just for her - not surprisingly, from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, VixVintage, who has been collecting vintage items for years and years. She quotes Confucius when describing her vintage-seeking style: "Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it" - which I 100% agree with and tend to mentally note whenever I am vintage shopping. I highly suggest you check out her Etsy Store: VixVintage ASAP.
But, yes, back to mom. My mom LUCKILY received the bag this morning - thanks to Vix's speedy shipping - and immediately called me, left two voicemails (typical), and even texted me (not an easy move for her, trust me), and even figured out how to take a picture on her phone and send it to me (actual text message picture from mama Wein herself shown below)!
Her tech-savvy and extremely shocking moves made it clear that I had hit the nail on the head this year which, obviously, made me happy because she is an amazingly awesome mom!
So, even if this cheap, speedy, and incomparably thoughtful gift-giving suggestion is a little too late, there are always birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and so on...